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Lift covid 6_10_21Ordinary time 2020

COVID restrictions are lifted!

The Archdiocese of Chicago has issued new guidelines.
As of this weekend, you do not need to register for Mass.   
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St. Edna Online Masses

St. Edna Sunday Masses and Easter Mass are now available online.

Click here for the St. Edna Online Mass Page as well as information for other Sunday and Daily online masses.

Letter from Fr. Darrio

June 12, 2021 (Update) - Click here to read the latest letter from Fr. Darrio.
Also, we are still accepting food donations. Outreach has placed a covered storage bin between the benches near the Main entrance, (Door #6) for us to place food donations.  

In Sympathy

Those who have recently passed away.

Resources and Links

Welcome Home!
New Guidelines

Effective Saturday, June 12, 2021:

  • Mask wearing will be optional for fully vaccinated people.
  • Mass reservations will not be required.
  • No limitations on how many can attend Mass.
  • All church pews in the front section will be fully open.  
    Pews in the back part of the church (from the aisle break to the back) will remain every other pew to accommodate people who prefer to remain socially distant.
  • All church entrances will be open.
  • We will be able to sing out!  Alleluia!
  • We will have two communion lines down the center aisle.
  • We will not require the sanitizing of hands; however, stations will remain in place. You are encouraged to bring your own.

2021 Annual Catholic Appeal

You may still signup.  Your gift will provide inspiration, education and services to the less fortunate in our Archdiocese and throughout the world.
Click HERE.

Save the Date!

Taste of St. Edna Festival is BACK!
  More Here...

St. Edna New eNewsletter

Are are looking to signup for the St Edna eNewsletter?  On your smartphone, text the word stedna to 84576.  Follow the instructions you will receive on your phone.

Thursday 8 a.m. Morning Prayer

We are so happy to resume Thursday 8 a.m. Morning Prayer with Distribution of Holy Communion.  Click HERE to reserve a slot!


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