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Prepare the altar vessels and Eucharistic elements for the liturgical celebration and ensure that scheduled Liturgical ministers are present for their roles relating to the celebration of the Liturgy.


Training for this ministry involves one meeting prior to the Sacristan's first scheudled liturgy to review and discuss the Sacristan's dutites.  Additional training and practice may occur during the liturgical year based on the needs of the liturgical season and liturgy celebration.  In addition, an annual Evening of Renewal is provided for all liturgical ministers to reflect on their role as a minister and a member of St. Edna's Catholic community.


Sacristans must possess good organizational skills, be dependable, and flexible to the needs of the liturgy.  Sacristans should have completed training as Extraoridnary Ministers of Communion, have working knowledge of the Proclamation of the Word, and an understanding of all the liturgical ministries involved in the Liturgy.  Those interested in serving may join at any time of the year and will be scheduled after completing their first training meeting.  Sacristans are scheduled at least once a month for a liturgy, through our on-line ministry scheduling program, Ministry Scheduler Pro.  Sacristans are expected to arrive at church at least 30 minutes prior to the start of their assigned liturgy.  They will prepare the altar vessels, host, wine, and candles.  They are to act as coordinator of that liturgy and ensure that all liturgical ministers are present to serve or find an appropriate substitute.  After the liturgy, they are responsible for cleaning the altar vessels and ensure that the worship space is prepared for the next liturgy.  Sacristans work with the Presiders of mass to ensure a consistent liturgical experience for the assembly.  


Lorie Crepeau
Director of Faith Formation

Gary Daigle
Director of Liturgy and Music