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St. Edna Children's Choir

The Saint Edna Children’s Choir is an opportunity for kids to glorify God in a fun way by using their unique gifts and talents to be music ministers for our parish masses. St. Augustine once wrote, “To sing is to pray twice.” Our time together making music is rooted in prayer. The repertoire that we sing consists of a variety of songs that exposes children to various musical time periods and cultures within the Catholic tradition.


Rehearsals typically take place at Saint Edna Church on Thursday evenings. Doors to the church will be open by 5:45pm for each rehearsal.

6:00-6:30pm for grades 1-4
6:30-7:00pm for grades 5-8

Parents and older/younger siblings are welcome to sit in the church during rehearsals, but we ask to have complete silence in the church— conversations can be held outside or in the narthex.  Parents are also welcome to drop-off and pick-up their children.  We ask that parents come into the building for pick-up; we do not want to have any child going out into the parking lot by themselves.

There is no need to bring anything for rehearsal other than a ready mind, open heart and beautiful voice!


The children will sing together on the Mass dates listed below.   Please bring your child to church by 9:10 on Sunday mornings that we are singing.  A quick rehearsal before Mass really helps the children settle in and focus, as well as helps me run through songs and check microphone levels.

I ask that the kids dress in their "Sunday best"---collared shirts, pants, skirts, dresses-anything but jeans!!  As music ministers, they have a special role in the Mass even dressing the part helps the children understand that.

I’m sure I will get a bathroom request or two during Mass.  If a child asks to use the bathroom during Mass, I will send them straight to you so that both you and I know where your child is at all times.


I'm always happy to have more singers- please pass on our choir info to interested parish families in 1st through 8th grades!!


I will always send information- rehearsal updates, snow day cancellations, etc. via email.  If there is another email address that you’d like for me to have, please let me know.

Please contact Mrs. Allison Blomeke any time:



Allison Blomeke
847-398-3362 x342