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Web Docs - Upcoming Events Formatting

Provides the formatting guidelines to be used within the Upcoming Events section.


Within any page (General or Ministry), the Featured Content section is used for any "Upcoming Events" that are to be listed on that page. From a consistency standpoint, it is important that these sections are formatted in the same manner across all pages.

Formatting Guidelines

A properly formatted "Upcoming Events" section should look as follows:

In the example above, we have an Upcoming Events section with two distinct events - one on May 17th and one on June 10th.  Let's look at each of these elements individually.

Section Title

The title of the section should be specified as "Upcoming Events".  The "Heading 3" stylesheet should be used for this title.

Event Date

For each event listed, the event date should be specified on a single line in the following format:

mmm dd, hh:mm (day)


mmm - is the full month name.

dd - is the date.

hh:mm - is the time (with an "am" or "pm").  For full day events, the time can be omitted.

(day) - is the day of the week (within parentheses).

The "Event-Date" stylesheet should be used for this line.

Event Item

For each event listed, the event item should provide a brief title for the event on a single line. The "Event-Item" stylesheet should be used for this line.  If you want to include an additional detail, then see below under the Event Location.

Event Location

For each event listed, the event location should specify the location for the event; if you have a long address, then use multiple lines (rather than letting it wrap).  The "Event-Location" stylesheet should be used for all lines.

If you have an additional detail for the event item you can include it above the location and then use the same stylesheet (in this case, you should keep this to one line).

More Upcoming Events

After all your events have been listed, you should include a link to the "Parish Calendar" page.  The title for this link should be "More Upcoming Events ..." and you should just use the "Paragraph" stlyesheet for this line.

Formatting Tips

If you have a number of events to list, sometimes it can be difficult if you try to format each of these as you enter them.  Instead, try the following:

First, create all your event information (date, item, location) with just the plain paragraph style.

After all of your events are entered, apply the formatting to each line starting at the top and working your way down to the end.