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Our stewardship practice should embrace all aspects of our life, family, church, and community. It is who we are, it is how we live our faith.


Discernment Tool

The act of Stewardship can help you find your clarity.  If you would like help in discerning how you can best Serve, go to the "Discernment Tool" link on the right side of this page to download our new “Spiritual Gifts Discernment Tool,” which can help match your skills, interest and talents to available ministries within our Parish.  Take the quick survey and start living a more fulfilled life today!

Stewardship Prayer

Good and Gracious God,
We are grateful for the way that you not only
communicate your love completely
within relationship as Trinity, but also to us indiscriminately as
Grace in the beauty of nature, people and our own souls. 
In our gratitude, help us to pray, individually
and within the Christian community. 
Move us to live good moral lives which give you greater glory. 
Inspire us to always grow in faith. 
Prompt us to serve our faith community well with the
gifts and talets planted within us. 
Lastly, inspire us to generously share our financial resourses with the
church community so that Your work can flourish and endure. 
We pledge to you: Our energy, effort and resources in helping people
experience the message, power and presence of Jesus Christ. 
We ask all of this in the name of Jesus Christ and
the power of the Holy Spirit. 

What is Stewardship?

  • Stewardship is having the wisdom to understand that everything we have is a gift from God of which we are to be the absolute best caretakers.

  • Stewardship is a way of life, honoring God in everything we do with all His gifts. Living life God-centered rather than sel-centered-thinking of Him before our own wants.

  • Stewardship is having the courage to give back out of love, a portion of every gift that has been entrusted to us by God.

  • Stewardship is living life with the understanding that someday God will ask each and everyone of us what we did with all of His varied gifts.

  • Stewardship is a life long faith journey that brings us ever closer to Jesus Christ: following the path He so perfectly laid out for us through His life example.

  • Stewardship is life altering and its rewards last an eternity.

Thoughts about Stewardship

Have you visited the Stewardship kiosk lately?  We have different pamphlets there that “speak” about Stewardship.  One of the handouts is titled,  What Catholics Do:  Stewardship. “Stewardship is not about the need of your parish, but your need to give.”  This is the golden colored brochure with the smiling man holding a bag of groceries.  Have you read this one?  There are several ideas that are portrayed on the cover.  Subtle, marketing ideas that require a little thought…

Right behind his head is a row of mustard bottles.  In Matthew 17: 20 Jesus tells us, “Amen, I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible for you.”   What could we accomplish if we pooled our resources with other faith filled people?

The bag the man is holding has a package with the word “Honey” on it.  There are 60 references to Honey in the Bible.   In 2Chronicles 31:5 it is written, “…they brought, in great quantities, the best of their grain, wine, oil and honey, and all the produce of the fields; they gave a generous tithe of everything.”  Wouldn’t it be a wonderful show of stewardship if everyone brought a portion of their “harvest” as their contribution to support the food pantry?  There are also jars of pasta sauce, some cans that look like tuna cans and a row of soup cans.   These main course items can make a small amount of “harvest” into a meal. 

But the part of the picture that grabs my attention is the people. The smiling man appears to be handing a bag of groceries to three people.  We only see the backs of the heads.  So often, we do not know whom we have helped, only that we have helped.  We allow those in need to maintain their pride and privacy. 

All this can be seen on the cover of the pamphlet.  Next time you are in the Narthex, stop and pick up this brochure for yourself.  Find out what is on the inside…..It’s even more informative.  And it might just help you to embrace stewardship as a way of life.


Narthex Kiosk

We maintain a kiosk in the Narthex of the Church. If you have any material related to the business of the Church, newsworthy items related to the Parish, or volunteer opportunities that you would like posted, please email Stewardship Council .  Please mention "Kiosk" in the Subject line.


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