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Parish Life Commission - About Us

To foster a sense of parish unity by organizing and welcoming all to community building events.

Vision Statement

To foster a sense of unity by giving vitality to the parish, and welcoming all to community-building events

Role of a Member


  • Action-oriented/Accountable (follow-thrugh is important!)
  • Attend one monthly meeting
    • Review minutes prior to meetings and follow up on action items
  • Be a liaison to at least one ministry
    • Provide monthly/quarterly communication to/from the ministry head
    • It is not necessary to be a member of the ministry to be a liaison to that ministry
    • Get the documentation necessary from ministry contact, give copies to both PLC and Parish Office when necessary
    • Help to complete pre-event and post-event evaluations
  • Support and be an advocate for the ministries and events
  • Participate in at least one Parish Life event
    • Participate in at least one aspect of the event (sell tickets, chair event, donate time and talent, etc.)

Commitment (Minimum)

  • 1-2 hours per month for meetings in August-June (2nd Tuesday of each month)
  • Active participant in PLC (as a liaison, having constant communication with other PLC members, etc.)
  • There is a 1-year minimum commitment that is always renewable
    • Ideally, we would like three years - see "Desired Terms" below


  • Recommend replacement from within the ministry, the parish, or from volunteers that the member works with
  • Prepare full documentation on the ministry contacts and their events to provide to next individual
  • PLC's goal is to have 3-year terms, staggered

Desired Term of Member

  • Year One
    • Member learns about the Commission and how things are run.  Member is liaison to at least one ministry and is in communication with the ministry head at least quarterly.  Member provides information to and from Commission and ministry they are liaison to.  Member supports PLC events when possible by attending and/or volunteering in a small capacity.
  • Year Two
    • Member may become liaison to additional ministries, but expectation of liaison responsibilities does not change.  Member takes a larger role by being a co-event lead with member who has already led an event and mentors the member.  Member continues to participate and support PLC events and actively encourages other parishioners to attend.
  • Year Three+
    • As senior member on committee, the expectations are to be welcoming and a guide to newer members.  Member continues to be a liaison to PLC ministries.  Member serves as a co-lead and mentor with Year Two member for PLC event.  Member recommends new members to replace when ready to roll off

Strategic Objectives

  1. 1. Ministry and Event Communication
  2.      The goal is to have frequent, clear, and comprehensive communication between the Parish Life Commision (PLC) and the ministries and event sponsors that fall underneath our umbrella.
  3. 2. Planning/Evaluation/Communication
  4.      All events needs to go through a standard planning process, along with standard documentation and an event evaluation process.  The Parish Life Commission (PLC) needs to support this documentation process, and the Commission's structure needs to be set up in a way that enables PLC to support this process.
  5. 3. Marketing
  6.      All interested parties are made aware of any event, and obtaining additional information is efficient and easy.