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Somebody To Love

Featuring songs about those who have loved, and those who have loved and lost. (Snack Theatre 2013)
Performance Dates: April 26/27 & May 3/4, 2013


Click on the image above to see the show's opening video, "Call Me Maybe", which shows the cast having fun behind the scenes.  Special thanks to Keith Ehrenberg for recording and editing this video.

Photo Gallery

Check out all the fun we had this year in our photo gallery...


2013 Cast

Claudia Bataska, Sandy Bialek, Bill Casey, Christine Desmond, Don Desmond, Fred Dominguez, Keith Ehrenberg, Tara Ehrenberg, Kelly Fagan, Jenni Falk, Kimi Geraci, Camille Hjelm, Rose Hutchins, Fr. Jerry Jacob, Stacey Jurinak, Karen Korabik, Richelle Kunkel, Mike Maloni, Fr. Lalo Martinez, Allison Melville, Vicki Mikos, Genelle Quant, Ed Reier, Kathy Romza, Colleen Sheridan, Suzie Shields, Dan Stachnik, Linda Vokoun, Rachelle Vokoun, Alice Waszak, Matthew Waszak, Steve Weber, Kay Zimmanck