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Gardening for God

"One is closer to God's heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth" - D. Gurney


The gardens of St. Edna create a beautiful environment that is welcoming and a peaceful way to begin our worship experience. Also, several of the gardens, the triangle garden in front of the Holy Family statue, the grotto and the patio by the community room provide a place for quiet contemplation and prayer.  Over 59 individuals and families have adopted the 40+ garden plots which make our community as beautiful as it is.  

Tarry's Tips

Deadhead spent blossoms — snap or snip them off — to reinvigorate flowering plants; you'll be rewarded by more flower and root growth.​

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Role of a Member

Regular members assume responsibility for a specific garden plot, which includes watering, weeding, pruning, and whatever it takes to make the gardens flourish. Volunteers work on their own schedules. During the season, you might see them early or late in the day. New volunteers are always welcome. No experience is necessary - we can always pair you up with a seasoned veteran.

History of Gardening for God

Don Schmitt, an early parishioner, conceived the concept of the individual gardens in 2004, and then donated all the plants. Initially, over 1200 plants, comprised of 60 varieties, were planted. All plants are indigenous to our area and were chosen so that something would be in bloom throughout the growing season. Subsequently, daffodil and tulip bulbs have been planted for that brilliant burst of bright color in the spring.

Gardening for God Members

Lisa Anstandig Rosemarie & Gene Koral
Paquita Bares Cheryl & Roger Kreul
Ted Beise Karen Kruse
Sharon Belmonte Deb Krzeczowski
Marie & Bob Berhinig Kyung & Steve Lee
Mike Brennan Family Laurie Lihde family
Christian Family Movement  The MacDonald family
Pat & Bob Clem Brian Marier
Beverly & Bernie Coderre Joan Masloske
Mary Pat Egner John Morrow
Linda Fiorenza Carole Naughton
Kathie Galvani Carole ONeill
Ginny & Bob Gillis Rosemarie & Chuck Pintozzi
Pat Golden Right to Life 
Elaine Harold Sharon Ritzler
Wanda Hartmann Julia & Larry Sacony
Joan Heveran Frank Starshak
Tarry Hoskins Bob Struewing
Rose & Randy Howell Frank Weisser
Jan Johnson Diane Yannotta


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