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Parish Calendar

Upcoming Events at St. Edna

  Friday, November 2  
7:30pm All Souls Day Mass  -  Church  
  Saturday, November 3  
10:30am High School Confirmation  -  Church  
12:00pm Confirmation Reception  -  Doherty Center  
4:30pm Gift of Love Sign-Up - Community Room  
  Sunday, November 4  
7:00am Gift of Love Sign-Up - Community Room  
9:30am Liturgy of the Word for Children  -  Church  
12:30pm Baptism Families  -  Doherty Center  
1:00pm Baptisms  -  Church  
4:00pm SNL Rehearsal - Church  
4:30pm Gift of Love Sign-Up - Community Room  
  Monday, November 5  
9:30am Prayer Shawl Ministry - Doherty Center  
7:00pm Pastoral Council  -  Doherty Center  
  Tuesday, November 6  
8:30am Grandparent's Prayer Time - Doherty Center  
9:15am Transformations - Doherty Center  
5:30pm Religious Education Classes - Doherty Center  
7:00pm  Rosary - Church  
  Wednesday, November 7  
4:30pm Options Minsitry Team  -  Teen Center  
7:00pm Choir - Church  
  Thursday, November 8  
11:30am Young-at-Heart  -  Doherty Center  
6:30pm Faith Formation Commission  -  RE Office  
7:00pm Peer Ministry  -  Teen Center  
7:30pm Pre-Baptism Class  -  Community Room  
  Friday, November 9  
6:30pm CFM  -  Doherty Center  
  Saturday, November 10  
9:00am First Reconciliation Retreat  -  Doherty Center  
10:00am Worship Commission  -  Hurley Center  
6:30pm CFM Dinner and Guest Speaker  -  Doherty Center  
  Sunday, November 11  
9:30am  Liturgy of the Word for Children - Church  
4:00pm Confirmation Classes  -  Doherty Center  
4:00pm SNL Rehearsal - Church