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Section 7 - Looking Ahead: Branding Our Parish

This section looks ahead to long-term goals, in which we want to build the brand of St. Edna.


  • Ideally, every ministry/council/commission here at St. Edna should have some sort of logo
  •      It can be a very simple graphic, or even some type of typeface
         "art," so to speak
  • These logos will go on everything that your ministry, council, or commission submits
  •      Print ads, bulletin ads, website ads, etc.
  • Why have a logo?
  •      People will start to recognize your ministry, which is an
         ultimate goal - you want people to know who you are!

QR Codes

  • Eventually, I'd love for every ministry to have a QR code
  •      These can be published in the bulletin and any print ads that are
         put out by the ministry
  •      If people "click" on it with their phones, they will be taken to the
         website of that particular ministry
  •      This could get a little crowded in the bulletin, which would have to
         be figured out, but it's a thought that could be worthwhile
  •           QR Codes are very easy (and free!) to make

Format Guidelines

  • In the future, I'd like to have a "rule book" of sorts
  •      This would go into details on how all of the office signatures
         should look, how to format an email, how to publish an ad
  •      This book would include details on everything that is
         communicated from our Parish; everything will have a format
  • Why is this necessary?
  •      While we are a church, this is still a business, and we have a
         brand that we need to be consistent on!


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