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Section 3 - New Bulletin Layout

This section will go over the new bulletin layout that has been created using the survey results.

New Cover Page

  • Cover Page is giong to me more of a true cover
  • The image is going to take precedence
  •      This will make the cover more visually appealing, catch readers'
  • The basic Mass times and schedule will still be there, but all the
    information on the Sacraments will be removed and placed elsewhere
  •      Instead, there will be a Table of Contents highlighting the features
         in that particular issue of the bulletin

New "Ad Space"

  • Instead of filling up an entire page margin to margin with ads, the
    size of that space will be smaller, so it is now able to relax readers'
  • In turn, the ad sizes will shrink down so they convey only the
    essential information (4 W's + H)
  •      Who the event is for
  •      What event is happening
  •      When the event is happening
  •      Where the event is happening
  •      How to get more information (email, phone number, website
        address, qr code)
  •          Because of the demographic of our church (i.e. there are a lot of
             people who do not have email, use the web, or even own a
             computer), it is preferred to have two (2) methods of contact: a
             phone number & something electronic, whether it be an email,
             website address, or qr code
  • If people want more information, they can go to our website; that is
    what it's there for!

Columns on the Side

  • Again, this opens up some of the white space to relax the readers'
  • Want to include the members of each commission, along with their
    mission statements and logo (see "Looking Ahead: Branding Our

Including a Section for Faith-Based Pages

  • As seen in the results, over half of the respondents read out "Faith
    Formation" section, and almost half of them read "Take Five for Faith"
  • These pages would include reflections, activities, inspirations, etc.
    that people could take home with them.
  •     This will be mirrored and expanded on the website; have a
        section for "Building Our Faith," so to speak
  •          On those pages, there would be more resources and much
             more detail for people to read, since we don't have enough
             pages in our bulletin


  • If I add these faith-based pages, the pages for each commission are
    cut down to two (2) pages max per commission
  •      This space can be used for ads, events, thank-yous, etc.
  • Is this something we're prepared to do?
  •     Ads would need to be shorter, more consise, as stated previously
        in both the results as well as the "New Ad Space" section above
  •     Ads that are consistently in every week could down down to a
        rotating schedule, such as every other week, or even once a
  •          There will be exceptions to the rule, such as the Mass
             Intentions and the Celebrant Schedule, but for the most part,
             a lot of these articles can be on a rotating schedule and don't
             necessarily have to be in every single week - at that point,
             nobody reads it
  •                We want to keep everything fresh in readers' minds!


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