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SPRED Family Movie / Pizza Day

One of the goals of SPRED is to help our friends with special needs realize that they truly belong to the community of St. Edna and to the Church community at large. We address this through all our sessions. But we feel it is also important for them to interact with each other, family, and catechists outside of the sessions in a more social setting. So four years ago we started our annual Family Movie/Pizza Day. All current SPRED students and their families and catechists are invited along with those, and their families, who have gone through St. Edna's SPRED and have now "graduated" to the next age group at St. Al's.

Our special fun day this year took place on Saturday, January 31 in the Hurley Center. Eighteen friends, family and catechists enjoyed the movie Rio 2 and were able to stay and share pizza and dessert and each other's company. It is wonderful to see how comfortable our friends with different abilities have become with one another and with the adults in their lives. This transfers to a greater comfort level when they attend Mass and share in the Eucharist. We are ALL part of ONE community.

It was a great day and we wanted to share that with all of you!
St. Edna's SPRED Team