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Join St. Edna

Serving the community for over 50 years!

Welcome to St. Edna

I am delighted that you have come to Saint Edna Parish and that you are interested in joining our faith community.  I feel we have much to offer you here - warmth and hospitality, Spirit-filled liturgies and many diverse ministries which offer you the opportunity to serve and to be served.  And, without a doubt you have much to share with the community.

Many people find Saint Edna Parish to be a family of believers who really care about and minister to each other.  It is because I wish to share our vibrant faith and parish life with you that I invite you to learn more about us.  I'd like you to feel at home here at Saint Edna.

Saint Edna Parish sponsors a Welcoming Session each month.  Please visit us in the Narthex to ask any questions and register or stop by the Parish Office during business hours.  If you have any questions, please call 847-398-3362.

Fr. Rich Yanos

Hurley Center

Inside the Hurley Center you'll find the Hurley Center Foyer and Parish Office.

Hurley Center Entrance and Foyer

Parish Office

Mary, Mother of Hope Shrine

A great place for tranquil meditation.