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Drivers to St. James

Volunteers are recruited and scheduled to drive food to St. James on the third Sunday of each month.

How our Program Works

Volunteer drivers play an important rule in feeding the hungry who seek help from our sharing parish, St. James, Chicago.  Drivers arrive at St. Edna at 11:20 AM on their scheduled day.  Their vehicles are loaded with food, directions are provided, and the food is driven to St. James (26th Street and Wabash, Chicago).

The drive to St. James takes about an hour.  Upon arriving at St. James, the drivers are met by volunteers who help unload the vehicles.  Drivers return home knowing that they played an important role in helping to feed the hundreds of families that will visit the food pantry the next week.

Join Us

If you are interested in volunteering, contact Don or Eileen Kellen
847-259-7526 or 847-398-3362