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Sunday Sharing

Catechetical Sunday 2018

This weekend we pray for all those who have heard the call to teach the children, youth, children with special needs, young adults, and adults around the world. Praises be to you for your devotion to teach the Good News and assisting in the development of a relationship with our God and Son Jesus Christ. May many blessings be bestowed upon you this day and may He guide each of you throughout this upcoming year.

We would also like to pray for the parents of all these individuals. For without your guidance and love we would not have the opportunity to share our faith with each of you. Thank you for hearing the baptismal call to be the primary educators of your children. To bring them to classes every week and continue educating outside the church walls.

Prayer for Catechists:

O God, our Heavenly Father, you have given us the gift of these catechists to be heralds of the Gospel to our parish family. We lift them up to you in thanksgiving and intercede for them concerning their hopes and needs. May we be attentive to the presence of your Word in them, a Word that lifts up and affirms, calls forth and challenges, is compassionate and consoles. We pray that our parish family will always be blessed with those who have responded to the call to share in Christ’s prophetic mission as catechists. May we too be open to the universal call to service that Christ addresses to all of his disciples, contributing our gifts to the communion of faith, the Church. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Here are some of the names of those who have heard the call to teach here at St. Edna:

Jill Cervantes, Kim Tlusty, Beth Bushek, Donna Proske, Stacey Sieczkowski, Emily Jabek, Camille Ponski, Maria Bellantuono, Jackie Ryan, Jill Gordon, Denise Swanson

Theresa Hansen, Jeanette Reczek, Nicole Tsilipetros,Vita Unger, Angelika English, Sonia Werba, Robin Nagy, Megan Ryan, Lucy Block, Jennifer Zimmerman

Ela Stoklosa, Christian Bellantuono, Nicole Araujo, Theresa Lee, Alannah Rodrigues, Belinda Rodrigues, Diana Hrametz, Chris Kurpiewski, Colleen Hanushewsky, Michelle Stuercke

Dave Jackson, Justin Abbink, Tom O’Neil, Sharon O’Neil, Beth O’Neil, Peg Connolly, Anne Mura,Camille Murray, Marie Schalke, Mary Fredericks, Chuck Fredericks

Bob Bilton, Joan Passaglia, Terry Waszak, Bill Mlot, Linda Hoskins, Kathie Galvani, Cynthia Jochum, Micki Naylor, Peggy Downing, Kathy Mannard, Jeannie Williams